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Carrying out an evaluation remotely or on the Internet very often results in an incorrect selling price:

  • An overvalued real estate estimate will make you lose long months very often without any purchase offer and at the risk of declining one at the right price.
  • An undervalued real estate estimate will speed up the sale but to your detriment.
  • Online estimates are calculated by an automated computer tool using an average price per m² per broad sector and not on a case-by-case basis.
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Only an on-site appraisal will determine the best selling price for your property:

  • His characteristics
  • Its exact positioning and orientation
  • His work to be planned
  • His residence and neighborhood
  • The common areas
  • The expertise of the real estate agent who has sold other properties nearby
  • And many more settings...

Our 6 commitments

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  1. You are contacted the day following your request
  2. We intervene on site quickly and at your convenience
  3. After your appointment, your estimate within 24h
  4. Free estimate for the sale of your property*
  5. Mandatory diagnostics offered when selling your property*
  6. Your expertise is carried out by our experienced advisor and specialist in your area

* 4) Pour tous biens confiés à l’agence par mandat de vente simple ou exclusif.
* 5) Nous consulter.

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Contact me quickly!

OR call us quickly at +33 (0)4 67 37 19 99

And after?

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Thanks to our unique selling technique, the majority of goods are sold quickly:

  • Experienced and responsive real estate agents
  • Large portfolio of qualified buyers
  • Our professional website well placed on the Google engine
  • Storefront in the center of the village
  • Drafting of sales agreements drawn up in the agency
  • Local customer relationship
  • Lots of advertising media

Our advertising force & partners

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